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The ultimate inspiration is the Deadline

Time to deliver? Ask us.

Project cost management and oversight cannot be emphasised enough. This stage already arises from the first consultation where timelines and coordination is born and evolves in delivering what has been developed over the design process.

Site Planning

Construction sites are complex environments that involve the coordination and movement of large quantities of high-value materials. Effective and accurate layouts will ensure works are efficiently and safely carried out.

Health and safety liability

It is our responsibility to ensure health and safety regulations are carried out on site. If you are remaining in occupation, it is essential you comply with your staff that will be working near the site. All contractors will need to have the relevant qualifications and will be compliant with construction regulations.

Insurances and appropriate cover that needs to be in place are:

The alignment of various contractors, suppliers and trades allow for the building and manufacturing process to be streamlined, resulting in a time-managed, coordinated delivery that is true to the original design, on budget and on time.

Years of experience ensure that we have a transparent procurement and project cost management process, and you are assured of the highest level of contractor service, the best product at the best rate the market can offer. We will work closely with your preferred service providers and ensure they are informed and involved with every vital process. Quality and reputation has come with great effort and diligence and we will ensure that the results build on this.

Changes? Change is inevitable and we roll with the punches. We know that circumstances change and we will accommodate request and variations as best we can without impeding the project timeline.

To ensure delivery and progress we will engage you regularly with updates and report to ensure you have peace of mind.

Handover and Walkthrough

Your fit out partner will notify you when the project reaches what’s known as ‘practical completion’. From this point, we will arrange a time to conduct your final inspections and report any defects, and for the builder to do the necessary alterations.