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tranquil office design

How Tranquil Workspaces Encourage Productivity

Office design studios are no longer only focusing on what the latest workspace trends are. They are also considering what kind of spaces allow people to think clearly and be more productive. The interior design of an office will affect the overall atmosphere and attitudes of those who work there. Although some thrive from working under pressure, we often find that we are more productive when our minds are at ease. 

Creating tranquillity with the workspace has a lot to do with visual effects, lighting, space and just plain old fresh air. When employees feel calm, they are more likely to produce quality work and hand it in on time. Here are a few ways you can improve productivity in your workspace through simple design tricks:

Organise Working Stations

Get into the habit of organising your workspace and making it clutter-free. If the job requires a lot of paperwork, incorporate a filing system that will help you keep track of everything. Put items you don’t always need in desk draws or cabinets to keep work stations clean.

Provide employees with enough space to utilise everything they need to do their jobs and still maintain a clean working space. Being organised improves productivity because it helps employees prioritise tasks. It also provides them with a simple understanding of utilising space.

Make sure to equip your office with small storage cabinets or drawers to minimise distractions and unnecessary items. A cluttered desk will leave an employee feeling overwhelmed and therefore, unproductive.

Making use of Good Lighting 

Inadequate lighting can often ‘dim the mood’. With employees already working so hard the last thing they want is to feel like they’re in a dungeon. Bad lighting is often associated with ill-health effects such as headaches, stress and anxiety.

We spend most of our day in artificial lighting, and there is evidence that a lack of natural sunlight has adverse effects on the body and mind. Humans need light to be productive. Start by letting in as much natural light as you can into your office space. Pull up all the blinds during summer and organise working stations so that it does not affect the employees’ view of their computer screen.

Incorporating personalised lighting options can also help employees feel more in control of their work environment. The use of biodynamic lighting allows one to adjust the light of the room according to natural daylight levels outside or to the employee’s requirements. Some lighting designers recommend an emphasis on ‘blue-enriched’ lighting as it has proven to heighten awareness.

Designing a ‘Recharge’ Room

Office design continues to sift through trends that become more and more employee-oriented. The creation of recharge rooms aims to allow people to ‘get away from work’ while being at work. What’s great about this trend is that the room can consist of any activities that employees might find relaxing.

Make it known to employees that they will be receiving a recharge room and create a survey to find out what activities they’d enjoy the most. Once you decide what the recharge room will entail, you can figure out how to go about designing it. Many companies have invested in game rooms, nap rooms, massage rooms and meditation to help their employees sustain a healthy mind.

We particularly like the idea of an electronics-free room. Since every modern business is dependent on technology, employees may often feel they are slaves to their computers or devices. Creating a space where phones or laptops are not necessary would help employees escape the pressures they experience throughout most of their day.

Making use of White

White is not a colour, but rather the absence of colour. It is known to be soothing because it does not provoke any mental reaction the way other colours do. Be that as it may, pure white may also create a disconcerting atmosphere for the very same reason. At the risk of making your office space look like a hospital, we suggest using off-white to introduce that fresh, modern feel.

White symbolises clarity and is the right colour to be surrounded by in times of stress. White walls also reflect light and will give the illusion of space even in the smallest office environments. Consider painting your walls an egg-shell white and adding elements of greenery. Make white the foundation of your office colour scheme, and it will be easier to incorporate other ‘zen’ elements.

The purpose of office design has shifted from making workplaces ‘look nice’ to focusing on what is best for the humans who work there. People spend the biggest percentage of their lives at work. That proves why office environments have the biggest impact on our attitudes and mental health. Creating a tranquil atmosphere within the workplace helps people maintain balance in their lives and ultimately improves productivity.

We find that interior design principles often have roots within psychology. Our modern society has become more aware of the importance of mental health. Therefore, the awakening is bound to take place where our minds do the most work (at the office).

Read more on creating a healthy atmosphere in the office here. Alternatively, contact us today for more on how we make your office design work for you.