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Office Design

What to Look for in an Office Design Company

Google ‘office design’ and you’ll be met with thousands of results, every one for a different workplace design business. On face value, all of them seem to promise roughly the same things: “sleek trendy design, desirable pricing, quick turnaround time…” Obviously, not all were created equal, but how exactly does one tell the difference? Well, finding the right partner for your business may not be as arduous as you think. Smart office design firms tend to share some essential characteristics.

They Take the Time to understand Your Business

A great office design company should be about so much more than aesthetics. Whoever you choose should be a strategic growth partner.

This means they pay as much time analysing your business as what it takes to design the space. Without in depth knowledge of how your teams work – how they use the space, what allows them to be at their most productive – your workplace design is simply going to be a change in aesthetics and furniture, instead of the dramatic shift.

The best designers can conduct a Space Assessment before they even put pen to paper. This approach combines design principles, psychology, and space analysis to unpack the DNA of your business and improve productivity and staff wellbeing. As a result, the final design produces lasting and significant results.

Their style is led by Your Business

Trends move in cycles, and this year’s must-have workplace aesthetic isn’t of much use to you if it doesn’t have your business functions at its core. This also means finding a balance between innovation and practicality.

An office design company that ‘gets’ this will look to design around what your business desires – whether its collaborative areas, quiet zones or breakout spaces. When the practical requirements of your space is established, they start to consider additional design-oriented concerns such the colour of the walls or carpet and therefore the overall feel of your workplace.

They sweat the small Stuff

While the previous 2 points mention the importance of your design partner and strategy development, there’s always space for the small touches that create the distinction to staff welfare and productivity.

For example, poor lighting in offices will have consequences for sleep quality, productivity, and even intelligence. Any design company should notice this, and, wherever possible, look to make the most of any natural light.

Another afterthought is often biophilic design – simply put, bringing the outside in. We have a tendency to depend upon the natural elements for productivity and peace of mind. A recent study revealed that staff with simply ‘in view’ of plants from their desks, had a massive increase in productivity.

The same is true of furniture; your desks, tables, and chairs ought to be considered with 2 things in mind: ensuring your staff are comfy and, secondly, giving them the space to do their best work.

What matters is that your workplace design partner understands that while minimalistic design is great, the small touches that suit individuals, is what makes the space.

They’re concerned from beginning to end

The best office fit out companies will handle the entire process for you, providing you with a single point of contact who ensures the project goes off without a hitch (well, as few as possible). This means conducting the initial Assessment, developing the design, sourcing the fixtures and furniture, and implementing the whole thing. That might sound like a lot to expect, but, in truth, having someone who really understands your business present throughout the whole process is the only way to deliver spectacular results.

For a more detailed process, have a look at what a Turn-Key solution means.