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UCT Jagger Library

The UCT Libraries are an extensive cavern of spaces, rooms and passages and take up a significant footprint of space on their campuses. The history and heritage can be felt as one moves through these hushed spaces. Some cling to a nostalgic time of days gone by whilst others are light and clean. Some are just downright dark and cavernous.

One of these spaces within the Jagger Library building was just so. The Government Publications space, which holds records of government gazettes, maps and an array of historic documents, was a cave of gloomy dust filled shelves.

Whilst the project had many stumbling blocks; the extensive Library fire (which miraculously left this space untouched), and the pandemic, stifled the project for almost 2 years. Despite it all, the drive of the libraries director and projects team eventually pushed forward on the project resulting in a dramatic turn-around of the space. This long awaited space is now open to students and researchers alike.

It offers easy access from the main library building and has elevator and disabled access. The office spaces is optimally set for work surfaces for large documents and cataloguing. Display and shelving areas give the tenant the opportunity to showcase records, art and themed displays. Moving through the space, there is a variety of agile spaces that are suitable for either in-depth focused learning, group discussions, informal seating and large format document reviewing.

Maps and roadways of surrounding Cape Town are used on the glass artwork and wall murals. Robust fabrics are applied to seating areas and durability is of utmost regard when we considering finishes.