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JUMO Lightside

Firstly, if Star Wars was a reality, then JUMO would be the Republic. Hard work and satisfaction go together, and we were superbly satisfied with creating this open-plan workspace galaxy, for this incredible fin-tech company. As a result of passion and inspiration, we created a working playground for this tech-savvy, company.  A refill station for the caffeine depleted, and a variety of working environments and settings. Furthermore, we topped it off with the JUMO Tap. This is where social gatherings and meeting spaces mix, with a blend of TRUTH coffee and craft beers. Large, open-plan workspace areas for work teams were kept, with ample breakaway areas and leafy seated area. Moreover, the living walls add a fresh texture to the industrial landscape whilst the library adds warmth and character.

Lastly, a balance of glazing and acoustic elements ensures privacy during meetings, whilst keeping transparency.