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Crumbs & Cream

The Crumbs & Cream philosophy is centered around outstanding service and exceptional quality. Every single cookie is made with love. Operating like a boutique, every ingredient must be to the highest standard. If it isn’t exactly what it needs to be, you won’t find it on their counter. The Crumbs & Cream brand was a dream come true for the two entrepreneurial sisters who followed their heart (and their tastebuds) to create the fun-filled, exciting and successful brand in only a few short months. Crumbs & Cream has taken Cape Town by storm and has had customers flocking to get their hands on these delectable cookie and ice-cream sandwiches.

A deliciously delectable project with a crunchy concept and a creamy design!
Sometimes one get to have fun and let the child inside loose. With catching colours, textures and shapes we believe this store reflects the nature of its unique product.