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Come Brew

From our first encounter with Lynn and Jack we knew we had to pull out all stops with these passionate entrepreneurs. Their drive to creating a vibrant space for their clients rested on us – where the best coffee could be served to the delight of their patrons in a friendly, warm and neighborly space.

Located in the otherwise sedated environment, the colour and vibrancy of Come Brew made a distinct impact in the centre. Conceptually, Come Brew needed to be considered a lifestyle brand. Somewhere patrons feel at home enough to spend hours there in comfortable conversation or absorbed in work.

A variety of seating options provide a balance of settings for those popping for a quick cup or to those wanting to linger longer in conversation or with a good book.

A play on texture and shapes are introduced with a custom graphic wallpaper as embodiment of their tagline, “In our Circles”. Finishes were kept robust and hardy. We had to maintain quality whist keeping an eye on a strict budget.