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Atlantis Foundries

Based 50km out side of Cape Town, Atlantis Foundries is the largest manufacturing plant of its kind in Africa. Their history can be dated back to 1980 when it first set up as Ferroform Foundry. Now, employing over 800 staff with a footprint of 940,000 square meters they melt 478 tonnes of iron per day.

Adopting and integrating technology are at the forefront of their development and so with the renovation of their main Admin building, they asked for nothing less.

We were fortunate to be involved in a broad scope of works including, the facade, exterior of building, landscaping, parking, interior installation and furnishing of the facility. Completed it now houses over a hundred operations staff and management together with a 24/7 state of the art clinic and laboratory facility.

The 1600 m2 of floor space of the dated building, was first gutted to its core. Roofing and waterproofing was done and the facades we’re updated. The interior finishes were kept robust and industrial to take the wear of high traffic. Furniture were customized to suit each department’s daily working needs. 8 Kitchens and various breakout spaces we’re added to the overall space. Meeting Rooms with integrated data, telephony and booking technology allow for seamless and workflow and full utilisation of space.

Windows were upgraded to double glazed and low-e glass to keep energy costs low and the building cool and insulated.

Breakaway areas, lounges and pause areas, create breaks in open plan areas and link vital departments where ideas can be exchanged and explored. A balance of private and interactive spaces gives the work space agility and focus.

Urban Spaces completed this project within 4 months and within budget.