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Imagineers, Dreamers, Creators

Our vibrant young studio is a collection of game-changing creativity combined with steadfast determination. With a passion for telling a story of a brand through spatial design, our like-minded team design and develop future-proof designs for local and global clients.

  • MacLovin

    “I love my mac!…guys, why can’t I connect to the printer or server?”

    Stuart might not always be on time, but he always makes time for everyone. His patience seems to be the only thing longer than his… resume

    Stuart Allan
  • The Meerkat

    “Directing creatives is like herding cats”

    A master of ‘Dad jokes’; if he’s not raising a little superhero, he’s directing a creative team of hero’s like Tarantino

    Reinhard Kretzen
    Creative Director
  • The Meme

    “Guys, I’m putting in headphones ….don’t speak to me”

    Courtney’s approaches design like her cat, Frank. She stalks, pounces, plays with it for hours; leaving it as a gift

    Courtney Strydom
    Senior Designer
  • The Alchemist

    “My kids are driving me insane!”

    Tarida details like the demi-god of design…she nurtures her work like a newborn; nurturing it and growing it into fully grown Design.

    Tarida Liebenberg
    Senior Designer
  • The Bookie Monster

    “Guys, there’s no creativity when it comes to accounting.”

    Her hair colour might change weekly but when it comes to accounting there is no grey area.

    Nicolene Solomons
  • The Gamer

    “[……short phrases containing some obscure word….]”

    Whether he’s researching flat-earthers or discovering new recipes for bacon, it’s a poker face; but when it comes to contracts he never bluffs.

    Justin Howard
    Contracts Manager
  • Stressed Eric

    “When I was in the army guys we used to………………………………………”

    Warwick manages a site like a drill sergeant. There’s only one way of doing things. It’s the right way.

    Warwick Howard
    Site Manager
  • The Phantom

    “Guys, we’re almost out of coffee! [gasp]”

    Betrina moves through the office with the swift and silent strides of a gazelle. Only pausing to pack away a file or to remove the collection of mugs off desks.

    Betrina Phiri
    Office Assistant